About Me

Hi, I’m Tara and I am so glad that you’re here!!! I’m a thirty-something southern girl who loves Jesus, Razorbacks, and ice cream!

TaraChenelle.com is an adulting how-do guide for all of those friends out there who could use a few tricks to lighten up their daily grind.  We all work so hard, so why not band together and help a sister out?  This lifestyle blog includes all things from adulting how-to’s, side-hustling ideas, tips, tricks, advice & just a little bit of daily life.

I get asked very often how I balance working full-time in finance and part-time as a competitive dance teacher, while keeping up with all things involved in being an adult these days.  So I started to realize how much I love sharing ideas with friends, and how often I say “this should be documented” or “where are the cameras?”.  Life is just so messy yet hilarious!  Plus, I have daily daydreams of working from home (or on a beach)!  Add all of that together and TaraChenelle.com was born 🙂