5 Fall Essentials

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Now that someone has finally told Arkansas that it’s Fall, we are starting to have that awesome weather that we have all been waiting to enjoy!  Sweater weather, fall outfits, pumpkin spice everything, and a nice warm fire have me all heart eyes every time November rolls around!  I just love Fall wardrobe shopping so I made a list of 5 fall essentials that your closet really wants!!!  Hope you like them as much as I do! Happy Fall Yall!

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5 Fall Essentials To Complete Your Wardrobe:


1. Cozy and Cute Sweater.

I have this one and absolutely LOVE IT!  They have several different colors and varieties, but this one is my favorite right now.

<img src="lulus.com" alt="v neck sweater from lulus.com">
Lulus / Cozy Cutie Navy Blue Knit V-Neck Sweater / Size Large

from: Lulus.com

2. Booties

I got these for Christmas last year in Beige and get compliments all of the time on them! I’m thinking I need them in Grey now, right?

<img src="lulus.com" alt="gray booties from lulus.com">

Lulus / Chic Mystique Taupe Ankle Booties / Size 8 / Grey / Vegan Friendly

3. Frayed Skinny Jeans

Yes, please!

<img src="lulus.com" alt="frayed skinny jeans from lulus.com">
EVIDNT / Hermosa Medium Wash Frayed Skinny Jeans / Size 28 / Blue / Lulus

4. OPI Nail Polish – The Washington D.C. Collection.

Absolutely love this collection!  It can be hard to find the entire set sold together but Amazon has them individually sold!  You have to check out all of the names on each color…very Olivia Pope for all my Scandal fans out there!

<img src="amazon.com" alt="OPI nail polish fall 2017 collection">

OPI Nail Polish, Washington DC Collection, Stay Off the Lawn!!, 0.5 fl. oz.

5.  Duck Boots

Before I had these, I never imagined how much they would actually be worn!  These are so comfy and warm!  Did you see the PRICE???

<img src="amazon.com" alt="duck boots">

Nature Breeze Duck-02 Women Stitching Lace Up Side Zip Waterproof Insulated Boot,Tan,10

Ok, I know I said “5 Fall Essentials” but a few more of my favorite fall items are the Essie 2017 Fall Collection,  plaid button-ups, dusters, CC beanies,  Ugg house shoes, tassel earrings, Northface sweat pants and blanket scarves!  Mix all of that with my last post on Pumpkin flavored food and you have it made for this season!

What are your fall favorites?  I’d love to add to my list…or my Christmas wish list!

5 Pumpkin Recipes You Need Right Now!

Here are 5 pumpkin recipes you need right now!

October is here which means it is now socially acceptable to fully embrace your pumpkin flavored loving self this season!

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How I feel about Pumpkin Spice Season

***This post includes affiliate links which simply means that if you purchase a product from one of my links then I could receive a small commission at no extra charge for you! Thanks for supporting TaraChenelle.com***

October’s Mission= Try not to eat every PUMPKIN flavored food I see!  Seriously!  Just this past weekend, I was at Walmart and was stopped at the end of an isle because I saw Pumpkin Spice Twinkies!  I’m telling you I couldn’t even concentrate!  I had to snap myself out of it because for 1 I don’t even eat twinkies and 2 this body has no business eating like that ha!  Don’t even get me started on the Fall Pumpkin section at our Kroger.  The last time I let myself get near that section I bought pumpkin coffee creamer, pumpkin cookie dough, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, pumkin egg nog, and pumpkin coffee.  Yall think I’m joking! I see the yumminess and my brain is like “Yes, girl! It’s fall so you better buy it all right now before it’s gone!”  OOPS!


Needless to say I LOVE PUMPKIN SPICE (almost) EVERYTHING!
<img src="amazon.com" alt="Hostess Pumpkin Spice Twinkies"><img src="amazon.com" alt="Special K Pumpkin Spice Crunch Cereal"><img src="amazon.com" alt="Pumpkin Pie Pop-tarts">

Here is a list of pumpkin recipes that I love to make!  All of these are pretty easy and don’t take up a lot of time!

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Ultimate Game Day Tailgate Food List

Hallelujah football season is upon us!!! That means it’s time for me to make an Ultimate Game Day Tailgate Food List! Game week is officially here and I am so ready!  It is by far my favorite “season” and I look forward to it all year long!  Getting to tailgate with friends and family, eat delicious food, and attending my favorite team playing my favorite sport is THE BEST! Just sitting here writing this makes me so excited about the next 12 weeks.  I know several of you would rather just watch football games on TV, but for me it’s all about getting in that stadium where I can even smell the sweat!

Growing up with a football loving family meant lots of Saturdays tailgating before and after the games.   So, the food situation at these games is always a big topic!  Gotta feed everyone who may even think of walking by, ya know? Heaven forbid us not be able to feed a friend…or a stranger!  Us Southern ladies know better than to not have anything to offer our guests haha!

A few years ago I decided to take on the task of organizing the food for our tailgates.  We attend every Razorback home game, which means we have 6 or 7 tailgates per season.   That doesn’t seem like too much until you start to think about eating the same BBQ sandwiches for 7 out of 12 weekends straight.  NO THANKS!  So how do I change up what we have to eat and not completely go nuts trying to find different ideas each week?   I started planning (because I do love a good plan) and initiating my time management skills into a Tailgate Season Food Plan!

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How I earned $1000 in just 1 months of side hustling

Let me start off by saying that side hustling is not for everyone.  The idea of an extra $1000 sounds fantastic, but what you need to know is that it is going to take a little work to get it.  I tell friends ALL of the time about new ways that I have found to side hustle my way to more $$$ and guess what?!  Hardly any of them actually take the time to do it!  However, since you’re here reading this then I imagine you are actually ready to tackle this thing called side hustling!

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I have a consistent income but when I have something that I want to pay for without it dipping into my regular income then I get to work with a little side hustling.  There are so many options out there to bring in some extra cash every month.  Some of these include Ebates, getting a part-time job, teaching a skill, selling on Ebay, Inbox Dollars, online surveys and so much more… Read more

Time management for busy women

I hear “I don’t know how you do it all” or “when do you have time to…?” ALL OF THE TIME!  Yes, I work full-time in Finance and part-time teaching dance, just started a blog, keep up with a house, yard, family, friends, and an unbelievable boyfriend. However,  I still make time to get everything (or at least most things) accomplished without sacrificing sleep!  So I wanted share my best time management skills with you.  Hopefully it will get you on the right track.  Do not be confused though, I still know so many lovelies out there that I am in shock over how well they manage life (and secretly can’t stand but also want to be them haha ya know love/hate). Life is busy but it doesn’t have to be stressful!


Here are a few tips:

<img src="canva.com" alt="pinterest graphic saying busy women's guide to time management">

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How to make homemade laundry detergent powder

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Yall I just cannot say enough about this laundry detergent! The cost, the smell, the results…YES!

I was hesitant about making my own laundry detergent for several reasons.  I had so many questions! Time? Upfront cost? Would it actually get my close clean? What about my super sensitive skin?  On July 4th, 2016, I made my first ever batch of homemade laundry detergent.  I was previously using pods (which I loved by the way) but I was about to run out.  One of my favorite friends told me about how she made it and was loving it so I thought “Ok, I’ll give this a try.”  (All the credit goes to LC here and I’m so glad she convinced me to try it!!!) Well, over a year later, I am still using that same batch and I am totally sold!

Hopefully this will answer a few of your questions:

The cost compared to pods– the big bucket that I was buying was around $22 for 80 loads.  This recipe cost around $20 for 250-500 loads! WOW!

Time it takes to make– The part that takes the most time is cheese grating those 3 bars of soap.  It does not take long but it is tedious and I did temporarily hate it by the third bar.  The rest is so simple because you are just pouring 4 boxes together!

The smell– my goodness it is fresh! I do not even use the purex crystals for the extra smell.  What makes the detergent smell so good is the Fels-Naptha soap bars.

The results– my colors are still bright and my whites are white! What else could I ask for?  Honestly, I cant tell any difference since changing from the pods that I loved.  Also,  after using it for almost a year, my super sensitive skin has had zero problems!

Enough about my love and obsession with this stuff… Read more

10 things you’re wasting your money on

Raise your hand if you have a list in your head of things that you could cut out of your monthly spending to save a little cash?  ME!  Now raise your hand if you can think of more than 10 things you’re wasting your money on! Also ME!  Some ideas are easier than others but consist of taking up time…like me doing my own nails instead of getting a mani/pedi.  Ughhhhh….I’d much rather get pampered every couple of weeks but when I thought about how much I would save by doing it myself, I started to do my own!  If saving money is what you need to be doing then try out these 10 ideas to get your going in the right direction!<img src="canva.com" alt="pinterest graphic of 2 jars full of pennies with words saying 10 things youre wasting your money on"> Read more