How I earned $1000 in just 1 months of side hustling

Let me start off by saying that side hustling is not for everyone.  The idea of an extra $1000 sounds fantastic, but what you need to know is that it is going to take a little work to get it.  I tell friends ALL of the time about new ways that I have found to side hustle my way to more $$$ and guess what?!  Hardly any of them actually take the time to do it!  However, since you’re here reading this then I imagine you are actually ready to tackle this thing called side hustling!

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I have a consistent income but when I have something that I want to pay for without it dipping into my regular income then I get to work with a little side hustling.  There are so many options out there to bring in some extra cash every month.  Some of these include Ebates, getting a part-time job, teaching a skill, selling on Ebay, Inbox Dollars, online surveys and so much more…

So here is a list of exactly how I earned an extra $1000 this month.

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#1-Ebates –if you are like me then you LOVE online shopping! Ebates is perfect for us online shoppers!!!  This a simple way to get cash back every time you shop online.   They also have bonus days where you receive more $$$ back and you get a set amount every time you refer a friend!  If you’re going to be spending money, then why not get a percentage back each time you shop?  Can someone say CHRISTMAS TIME SHOPPING!

Ebates cash= $38.29

***If you are wanting to know more about Ebates, click the clink below.  Happy shopping…and getting paid to do it 🙂

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

#2- A part-time job – I have a part-time job (aside from my full-time) as a dance teacher.  There are SO many option available for part-time work even if it is only a few hours per week…especially during the holidays!

Part-time job cash= $450

#3- Private lessons – if you have a skill that someone would pay to learn, then why not use it?  I’m a dance teacher so I offer private lessons.  Can you sing, cook, swim, play an instrument, play a sport, or good at a school subject?  The list could go on for days…bottom line here is if you have something that you are good at or know a lot about then why not teach others and get paid to do it?

Private lessons cash= $350

#4- Ebay I had no idea how much of my closet I could sell on Ebay!  I’ve sold swimsuits, dresses, tops, pants, shoes and all kinds of things (even DVDs) on Ebay.  It’s easier to do than it sounds and I love seeing the extra money pile up in PayPal account!  Have you heard of the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”?  Remember this when you starting cleaning out closets!  If it could be sold, sell that bad boy!

Ebay cash=$100

#5- Facebook Garage Sale– several towns nowadays have a local garage sale page where you can post things that you would like to sell.  I have listed clothes and furniture on our local page.  Honestly, I have not had as much luck with clothing on here as I have had on Ebay.  However, I posted a large piece of furniture on there simply because I no longer had room for it and needed a local option to get rid of it and make a little money off of it since it was nice.  The piece ended up being seen by a friend who bought it.  You just never know who may be looking for a used/good price/good quality piece.

Facebook Garage Sale cash= $100

Ok, so with this month’s side hustling efforts, I made an extra $1000 without giving up too much of my spare time!  I’d say it was absolutely worth the little bit of time it took!!!  Ebates + Part-Time Job + Private Lessons + Ebay selling + Facebook selling = $1000 dollars that I would not have had before.

So how much of my time did this take up?

  • Obviously, Ebates was the easiest because I was simply getting paid to spend money.
  • Ebay and Facebook took the least amount of my time.  The only time spent was the amount of time it took me to take the pictures of the items and post them….which is just a few minutes.
  • Private lessons took up 7 hours this month (I charged $50 per hour).  I could have actually grown this amount much more with simply offering more time.
  • Part-time Job- of course this one took up most of my time this month but it’s doing something that I totally LOVE so it makes it worth the time and the money!

Should you start side-hustling?

You probably noticed that this month’s extra $$$ only included 5 different ways that I happened to make extra money this month.  There are so many options these day and now looking back I’m thinking what if I would have tried others?  Oh I could just side hustle my way to full-time hustle ha!

I have read SO many different blogs and articles listing the most insane things to do to earn extra cash.  However, life is busy and crazy and sometime all you can do is just do your best and try! That’s exactly what I did.  I did not go all out and try every little suggestion that I had ever heard of.  I simply took what I thought I could manage and went for it.  Maybe you do not have time to work a part-time job.  That is ok too! Just pick what you think will work best with your schedule.  Good luck and happy making money!

Just in case you don’t love my 5 from this month’s hustle, I have included a few more ideas (that I like) to make you that extra money that you are looking for!

Side Hustle Ideas: (that I have tried)

Online Surveys-(for example Inbox Dollars) I actually use this one but I did not include it because I have not been paid yet.  On their website you get money added your Inbox Dollar account for reading emails, taking online surveys, and several other things.  Then once you get up to $30 you can cash out and they send you a check!  Ipsos i-say surveys are also super easy surveys that you get paid for taking just by completing.  (I do their surveys too)

—If you’re interested in Inbox Dollars the click here to get your $5.00 signup bonus NOW!

Swagbucks– take surveys, watch videos, play games, shop and get cash back.  Every thing that you do on on Swagbucks earns you swagbucks which earns you all kinds of fun gift card options! TRY IT HERE!

Keep the change– do you use cash instead of checks and cards? If so, then keep your change.  You won’t believe how much it will end up being.  I have a jar that I keep at home and when it gets completely full I go cash it in.   There are free standing machines that will count your coins and then give you cash (usually in grocery stores…at least around here that’s where they are) but they take a percentage.  Some are as much as 40% WOW! I would recommend simply taking it to your bank.

Start a blog– this is my new adventure.  While I have not made money (due to newness) yet, it is a major goal of mine!

Have a garage Sale– I am not a pro garage sale gal, but I have several friends who make lots of money this way each summer after doing a full house “clean-out”

Walk a neighbor’s dog– know an elderly person who is unable to walk their dog?  Maybe they could use your help!

Bake & sell–  if you can bake…bake it and sell it!  In my daydreams I would have a bakery and sell the most lovely cakes…and then I totally fail on the icing.

Be an Uber driver– new and growing way to make extra money.

Babysit/Dog sit– patient and like children or pets? Why not babysit or dog sit?  People pay big bucks for babysitting these days so get out there and volunteer yourself!

House sit– an easy way to make money but of course you have to be able to the schedule to allow you to take care of another family’s home.

Virtual Assistant– becoming a virtual assistant is in high demand these days!  If you are slightly computer savvy and enjoy working on the computer then this could be a great option for you!

Do you side hustle?  If so, what do you do?  I would love to hear what y’all are doing to bring in a little or a lot of extra cash!

10 thoughts on “How I earned $1000 in just 1 months of side hustling

    1. Thank you so much Claudia! I am so glad that you like the list and hope you get to try some of them! I love a good side hustle 🙂 Keep me posted on if you try any!

    1. You’re very welcome and I’m glad you like the list! It’s way easier than it seems and who doesn’t love a little extra money right??? Let me know if you try any of them or have any new ideas! Go make you some extra money girl 🙂

  1. HI! It is great that you could earn so much! congrats! I have tried some of them, but I have to really look into the other ones, like Virtual Assistant- Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi! Thank you and I’m super glad you liked the post! Some are way easier than others. Let me know if you find one that works great for you 🙂

  2. While eBay is great when you wanna get rid of stuff, WHAT I HATE is the hidden fees……. They smack you in the face about a month after you sell something. UGH! Plus, I always get the shipping cost wrong, LOL!

    1. Thanks for reading!!! I am loving your blog by the way!!! Sighhhhhh on the fees! The worst is when I dont pay attention to how many items I’ve posted that month and start getting the fee for listing too many items OOPS!!! Or I get going to fast on listing things and end up having to revise the listings after they get posted…another OOPS!

  3. Love this !! So many ways to make extra money . So far I’ve been in heartbeat they pay to post on Instagram so I’ve gotten some
    Money through them and webfluential . I’m a dance teacher also !

    1. You’re a dance teacher too? LOVE IT! I’ll have to check out your money making ideas 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

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